State Legislators

Governor Jerry Brown: c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814
Contact the Governor Brown:
Phone: (916) 445-2841  Fax: (916) 558-3160

Senator Mark Leno:  (916) 651-4011
455 Golden Gate Avenue , Suite 14800, SF CA 94102
(415) 479-6612 (San Rafael), (415) 557-1300 (San Francisco)

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano:
455 Golden Gate Avenue , Suite 14300, San Francisco, CA 94102
Carlos Alcalá, Communications Director,  (916) 319-2017
Transportation Assistant,  415-557-3013

Senator Leland Yee: prefers faxes (916) 651-4008
and phone calls:  (415) 557-7857
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14200 , San Francisco,  CA  94102
Chair of Committee on Human Services

Senator Jerry Hill:
State Capitol, Room 5064, Sacramento, CA 95814    916-651-4013
Chair of Environmental quality Committee

Senator Mark DeSaulnier: Transportation and Housing Chair
Aide, Mark Stiver   916-651-4121

5 thoughts on “State Legislators

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  2. I am concerned about Assembly Bill 1193 which attempts to legalize bike lanes that have been built in SF in defiance of state laws. I do not support changing laws to support people who are breaking the law in the first place.

    San Francisco is systematically destroying the quality of life for long term residents who have seen thousands of parking spaces disappear as well as driving lanes reduced to accommodate the bicycle coalition that has taken control of politics in our city. The vast majority of people who oppose what is happening are ignored to accommodate this squeaky wheel. Granted, there are a significant number of people who use bikes and who need some accommodation. However the percentage of people adversely affected by all the changes are being ignored. Enough has been done already.

    Also, in my opinion, the city is catering to basically transients –folks who will leave the city when they are married, have children and want to drive them to school, find parking for various family activities, and want to purchase a home (another discussion)

    It is extremely ill advised to pass a bill that legitimizes the illegal activity of the squeaky wheel of the Bicycle Coalition. Corrections should be made to bring what has been done into compliance with the current law. Perhaps this could be facilitated by requiring registration of bicycles (with a fee involved)

    Please do not pass this bill.

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