Save Masonic

 Please help keep our neighborhood a place for all of us – bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike

  • Stop MTA from taking away all parking on Masonic from Fell to Geary (at least 167 spaces) and reducing the travel lanes during rush hour!
  • This $21 million bicycle track project will increase congestion, slow down emergency response time, increase pollution and create a special hardship for residents and businesses on and around Masonic.
  • Motor vehicle traffic on Masonic was over 32,000 vehicles per day in 2010; this will increase with the new Target store.
  • When planning was done, no consideration was given to what the impacts would be on adjacent streets: Central, Lyon, Baker – and not even on the cross-streets (Fulton, McAllister, etc.) except where they crossed Masonic.
  • Masonic can be improved without creating these dangers, impacts and hardships, and without spending $21 million.  A better and safer bike route can be created that includes the existing bike lanes along Baker.

Attend the County Transportation Authority (CTA) meeting this Tuesday at 10:30 AM in City Hall – and let us know if you will be able to make it: email or call 415-931-7192 and let us know you will be attending and leave a phone number where you can be reached.

Voice your opinion:
If you can’t attend – and most of us are working – Call or Email the staff of the CTA at

Maria Lombardo, Interim Executive Director, SFCTA 415-522-4802
Tilly Chang, Deputy Director for Planning, SFCTA  415-4832

Also the members of the CTA – who are the same as the Board of Supervisors:
our supervisor, Supervisor London Breed (District 5)
other supervisors impacted by the Masonic Street Plan
Supervisor Mark Farrell (District 2)
Supervisor Eric Mar (District 1)

Go to www.SAVEMASONIC.COM for much more info and updates


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