Friday Hearing Notice – SPREAD THE NEWS!!

We won a reprieve!

SPREAD THE NEWS!! (please ignore any duplicates.)

Please see attached and write the City Officials if you can. Come to the hearing if you can.Details and sample letter here:

NE Mission-11-13.pdf

the sample letter:

Download a printable pdf with links.
Sample letter to sign and send into city officials:
write to SFMTA: parkingplanning and MTABoard
More Contacts at City Hall:
Board of Supervisors board.of.supervisors
Ed Reiskin, MTA Director of Transportation ed.reiskin
MTA Board mtaboard

Sample letter:

Last Friday, October 25, we found a notice from SFMTA announcing a hearing on Ordinance 5176, adopted October 18, 2013, announcing that they intend to plant parking meters on residential streets in our neighborhood. This notice was given by posting a few flyers on poles (we found two so far) and sending out a few emails.

I am writing to express my strong opposition to Ordinance 5176. This action is a slap in the face to all those who trust the SFMTA, is without merit, and is meant to restrict parking in the eastern neighborhoods. Many residents, merchants and neighborhood groups spent countless hours working with SFMTA and other city officials on a comprehensive neighborhood plan, thinking that the SFMTA was committed to helping us. This ordinance breaks that trust.

Thank you for considering this point of view.


(Your name)




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