SFMTA is hiring at a high pay scale


Look at the salaries and look at the 5 positions SFMTA is filling. Not one under $100,000 / year. Not one bus driver or trainer. All are managerial staff. And they are going to float another bond measure cause they need more money. Anyone care to comment?



2 thoughts on “SFMTA is hiring at a high pay scale

  1. From a reader:

    One position is under $100,000, but the rest are six digit.
    The bond measure, which should be heavily defeated at the polls, is geared toward funding the Transit Effectiveness Project.
    On December 3rd, the TEP will be reviewed with comments from the public. I hope to see you there.
    Just remember the old MTA saying: “If you’re not on the bus, you’re under the wheels.”

    Herb Weiner


  2. From a reader:

    Holy cow. This is the reason the 5 Fulton is on a “diet” and the elimination of lines. They need more parking meters and 2 hour parking to rake in the money.

    SF Budget – $7 plus billion – translates to spending almost $20 million a day!. Are we getting $20 million a day in services?



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