Saint Lucie Votes Out Seven50 4 -1


by the Liberty Caucus:youtube – excerpt

Plan Bay Area is part of a national plan by many names. At a meeting on November 7, 2013 of the BOCC officials of Saint Lucie County listened to residents and voted 4 -1 to withdraw from Seven50, their version of Plan Bay Area. A tape of the meeting and some of the arguments against the plan:

  1. How does building stack and pack housing on the coast solve the problem of rising sea levels?We don’t trust Washington. We trust you, our local elected officials.
  2. This plan calls for housing without jobs. That is what we have now, housing without jobs. Why build more housing without jobs.
  3. We already have regional projects that don’t work. Nothing gets done by regional groups.
  4. Tell them to keep their money and leave us alone.

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