San Francisco and its cycletracks lead the way toward safer biking statewide

Meter Madness

Ting is working on the issue with the California Bicycle Coalition, whose executive director Dave Snyder is a longtime San Francisco bike activist. Snyder says Caltrans doesn’t allow bike lanes that include physical barriers against traffic, even though they are widely used in other countries and states and considered to be safest design for cyclists.

San Francisco has been blazing the trail toward safer cycling with innovative designs such as cycletracks, or bike lanes that are physically separated from cars, which have been installed on Market Street and JFK Drive. But cycletracks aren’t legal under state law, something that a San Francisco lawmaker and activist are trying to solve so that other California cities can more easily build them.

“Right now, many cities are not putting in cycletracks for fear they don’t conform to the Caltrans manual,” says Assemblymember Phil Ting, whose Assembly Bill 1193 — which would legalize and…

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One thought on “San Francisco and its cycletracks lead the way toward safer biking statewide

  1. The city doesn’t really care about the law any more than it cares about screwing up city traffic for 95% of those who use city streets on behalf of this obnoxious minority. Dave Snyder represents this creepy interest group in Sacramento. He started his career as head of the Bicycle Coalition for 11 years.

    There are very few streets in SF that can accommodate cycle tracks, and that includes Masonic Avenue, where a crackpot City Hall is determined to install them anyhow.


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