Signatures for S.F. waterfront height limit measure filed

By John Coté : sfgate – excerpt

If passed, the measure would put a check on high-rise hotels and condo towers along the bay and require voter approval for height increases for three major waterfront development plans: the Golden State Warriors’ proposal for an 18,000-seat arena complex, the San Francisco Giants’ plan for an urban neighborhood on  what is their main parking lot, and the development of the industrial Pier 70 area. Proponents, including the San Francisco chapter of the Sierra Club and limited-growth activists who in November helped defeat a luxury condo development planned near the Ferry Building, say the measure is about protecting the waterfront from politically connected developers trying to skirt rules that voters required when they backed the creation of a comprehensive waterfront development plan in 1990…(more)

For the second time this year, SF voters will go to the poll to voice their feelings about unchecked development on the San Francisco waterfront. There are many underlying issues, but the primary arguments are between the citizens who love San Francisco and want to keep it the way it is, and those who want to change it into something it is not. Development has gone to far too fast, and displaced many people in the process. This is national problem being played out in communities all over the country. People are fighting to preserve their home, lifestyle, and right to limit growth in their communities. The fight cuts across all party lines and affiliations, and both parties run the risk of turning their constituents into libertarians and independent voters.

Signatures for S.F. waterfront height limit measure filed – SFGate
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