Clipping the mayor’s appointment power


By Tim Redmond : 48hillsonline – excerpt

Sup. John Avalos wants San Franciscans to elect their elected officials.

MAY 20, 2014 — Sup. John Avalos today introduced a city Charter Amendment that could radically reduce the power of the mayor and change profoundly the way the city’s political allegiances work.

His measure would eliminate the ability of the mayor to fill vacancies in local elective offices by appointment and instead mandate that openings are filled by special election.

The formal title is “Democratic special elections to fill vacancies in city elective offices,” but Avalos told me he’s going call it the “Let’s Elect Our Elected Officials Act.”

There’s a certain logic to the law, particularly when it comes to the Board of Supervisors. The executive officer in American democracy doesn’t typically appoint the legislative branch. The president doesn’t fill vacancies in Congress; the governor can’t fill an empty seat in…

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