Muir Beach fight illustrates National Park Service tension


By Peter Fimrite :sfgate – excerpt

The freethinkers and eccentrics who live in the tiny, eclectic community of Muir Beach have united with other Marin County residents in a bitter struggle against what they see as an enduring threat to the culture and fabric of their fog-shrouded coastal village – government meddling.

The National Park Service wants to ease what everyone agrees is a growing traffic and parking problem in and around Muir Woods while still providing access to the internationally famous national monument.

But the folks in this isolated beachfront community 2 miles from the entrance to Muir Woods have become increasingly unsettled by what they perceive, rightly or wrongly, as attempts by the Park Service to run roughshod over their interests and funnel busloads of tourists into the already-crowded cove… (more)

First they bring in the tour buses, then they bring in the developers and investors. Keep the park as…

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