SEIU Local 1021 backs motorist measure and a Republican. WTF?!?!

Meter Madness

By :sfbg – excerpt

seiu endorses l-1

Service Employees International Union Local 1021 — which has long played an important role in San Francisco’s progressive movement, providing the money and member turnout to achieve some important victories for the left — finds itself at odds with many progressive activists in this election, particularly on the issue of transportation….

So we asked Local 1021 Political Chair Alysabeth Alexander about the endorsement, and she told us: “One of our member leaders is a proponent and the argument that driving is hell in San Francisco resonated with a portion of our membership that drives and for whom public transportation is not an option either because of service cuts and route changes, because their job requires car use, or because they work shifts that don’t work for public transportation or biking. Because of rising housing prices many working people have been pushed out…

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One thought on “SEIU Local 1021 backs motorist measure and a Republican. WTF?!?!

  1. The majority of city residents who drive are tired of being bullied, and gouged, while hundreds of miles of roadway and thousands of parking spaces are confiscated. SFMTA has zero representation for motorists, many of us who have no other way to get to our jobs on off hours shifts or take our kids to school. City government is so frightened by the Bicycle Coalition, cold don’t dare criticize, and Supervisors don’t dare ever post anything negative in Twitter or elsewhere. That’s censorship, and undemocratic.
    Join me in voting YES IN L!


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