The San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco’s longest running independent voice, was shut down and brought back to life within two days.



By Mari Eliza, zrants – excerpt

This story is a fast moving train which I will attempt to follow and share as it unfolds.

The demise of one of the oldest, most consistently progressive, liberal, left-leaning publications, in one of the most liberal cities in the America, is disturbing to all journalists at a time when the profession is under attack from many angles, and independent voices are being silenced.

Even though we didn’t always agree with the editorial slant, and were not favored by the SFBG’s recent endorsements, the possible loss of open dialogue in the press is of grave concern to all of us, and one that we hope will be corrected soon. We need to hear from all sides in order to make informed decisions.

To get this fast changing story out in a timely manner I will limit my comments and post links to as they…

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