Supervisor Breed proposes protections for live music clubs in SF

By Marisa Lagos : sfchronicle – excerpt

Live music has long been a staple of San Francisco culture, but some fans fear it might be an endangered species. The problem, they say, is the explosion of housing construction near long-established venues that never had to worry about annoying neighbors in the past.

 So on Tuesday, Supervisor London Breed unveiled legislation she hopes will help preserve those venues — and create some harmony with residents — by requiring developers and city agencies to consider their existence when new housing is built nearby and to notify potential residents of their existence before they sign a lease or buy a unit.

And in a huge win for club operators, it would also prohibit neighbors from suing a permitted music venue as a nuisance if that club is operating within the constraints of its entertainment permit…

“More than dollars and cents, these venues are an integral part of our culture, of what makes us San Francisco,” said Breed, noting that many decades-old music clubs have shuttered their doors in recent years. “We have to be able to coexist.”

Entertainment boosters who worked with Breed on the legislation, including Entertainment Commission President Jocelyn Kane, said it strikes an important balance…

Terrance Alan, a longtime entertainment industry consultant who helped found the California Music and Culture Association, a lobbying group, said the testing and notification requirements would go a long way toward creating more harmonious relationships between residents and music clubs by getting everyone talking early on. Requiring the notification of prospective residents about the nearby venue is also huge, he said, because many residents have no idea when they sign a lease or buy a house of what they are getting into… (more)

This concept has been discussed for a number of months but it is good to see someone is taking the initiative to make it happen. Many artists and musicians have already given up on San Francisco as a place to work and thrive. We look forward to the resurgence of the creative community. Protecting the clubs cannot happen soon enough.


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