Save Cell Space

Thursday, June 18 12 PM
Room 400 City Hall, Planning Commission Meeting Item 2013.0677CUA & 2013.0677X:
2000-2070 Bryant Street, located on the block bounded by Bryant Street, 18th Street and Florida Street – Block 4022, Lots 001, 002 & 021 – Request for a Large Project Authorization (LPA) and Conditional Use Authorization (CUA), pursuant to Planning Code Sections 303, 317 and 329, for the demolition of the existing warehouses, auto repair, arts uses, and residential buildings on the project site, and the new construction of a six-story mixed-use building. Commissioners recommend a continuance. Perhaps to July 2, but people are expecting to go anyway to tell their stories about why they are concerned about the loss of PDR and artist space in San Francisco.

UPDATE: The matter was voted on twice and continued to September 10th. This followed a lot of public letters and comments requesting a continuance. Our requests for time was supported by statements from Planning Director John Rahaim,, who acknowledged that efforts are underway to review and recommend methods of stabilizing income levels in the Mission by keeping affordable housing and stabilizing jobs dependent on PDRs.

We don’t want to turn the block into this!


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