Marching on Maximus

By Time Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Why did ParkMerced get rid of union workers? Why should the city approve a Park Merced investors’s project in the Mission? Demonstrators made the connection today (and the police didn’t interfere)

UNE 24, 2015 – A large, loud procession of labor and tenant advocates marched from 16th and Mission to the Florida Street offices of Maximus, part owner of Park Merced and the developer behind the Monster in the Mission.

By the time the march reached 18th and Florida, more than 100 people had joined, including Sup. John Avalos, who said he was “passing by and heard the ruckus.”

Labor and tenant activists and Mission community leaders joined forced and linked the anti-union activities of Park Merced to the new project that many fear will lead to more displacement.

Members of SEIU United Service Workers West distributed literature pointing out that Robert Rosania, the head of the Maximus development group, is also a partner in ParkMerced, where union workers with as much as 30 years of experience were summarily laid off earlier this year when the giant apartment complex shifted to a nonunion contractor for janitorial and maintenance services.

The Mission and 16th project is going to need Planning Commission approval, and may wind up being appealed to the Board of Supervisors. So its future will depend to a great extent on city politics… (more)


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