Don’t settle for a corrupt city


By Broke-Ass Stuart :sfexaminer – excerpt

We’ve gotten complacent in San Francisco.

Sure, we’ve got the nation’s highest minimum wage. Sure, we fought for marriage equality and won. Sure, we had universal healthcare before nearly every other city in the U.S.

But the same way the Bush administration used social issues to justify turning the country into a corporate welfare state, San Francisco’s politicians have been
pacifying us with progressive measures while lining their own pockets.

And the thing is, we’ve pretty much known this all along. But that’s where the complacency comes in: We’ve accepted this corruption as part of our system. We’ve chalked it up as the cost of doing business in San Francisco.

And then last week, the curtain was suddenly pulled back and, for the first time, we began seeing the things we assumed were happening all along, actually were…

So now that we know…

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