1-2-3. Anyone but Ed Lee.
Francisco Herrera, Stuart Shuffman & Amy Farah Weiss are mayoral candidates on the Nov. ballot in San Francisco – They answered the call for change that all seasoned professional Democratic leaders were told to avoid. Show them they were wrong.
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By Carolyn Tyler :abc7news – excerpt

San Francisco’s sky high rents are not only pushing out some renters, but businesses as well.

Two companies have announced they’re leaving the San Francisco for Oakland.

The CEO of Brown & Toland can almost touch AT&T Park from his window, but the medical group is trading in a view for a less costly headquarters. By next April, its 280 employees from San Francisco and Emeryville will be settled into a new space at the Clorox building in downtown Oakland and the company will be saving nearly $2.5 million a year.

“Every bit we can save on the administrative cost structure allows us to support ours doctors and our patients for health care services,” said Richard Fish of Brown & Toland.

Other factors came into play including the ease of public transportation..

That was also a consideration for California’s stem cell agency, the…

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