Activists Call For Tenant Protections at City Hall

By  : missionlocal – excerpt

Emotions ran high at City Hall today as protesters gathered under the bright sun and then visited city officials to address San Francisco’s debilitating housing crisis and call on city leaders to take action by passing proposed legislation.

The crowd of about 150 housing leaders, union members, homeless rights activists and residents voiced their frustrations with the city’s failure to stem rampant evictions, displacements of longtime residents and the gentrification of entire neighborhoods.

“We want no more luxury condos, we want affordable housing for everyone…it’s what we’ve been saying for years now,” said Tommy Avicolli Mecca, Counseling Director of San Francisco’s Housing Rights Committee. “We want these people who are supposed to be our elected officials to address the housing crisis, in a way that is going to be effective — because people are fed up.”

Carrying signs and banners that read “Affordable Housing, Not Luxury Condos” and “Stop Economic Cleansing,” activists visited the offices of the city’s 11 district supervisors and the chambers of the Planning Commission to rally support for Propositions I and F, as well as a proposal that will come before the Land Use Committee on Monday called Tenant Protection 2.0.

Tenant Protection 2.0, proposed by Supervisor Jane Kim earlier this year, would address four ‘loopholes’ activists said are often exploited by landlords in San Francisco. It would protect tenants from being evicted for minor claims and provide them with additional notice, give additional protections to tenants who request to add roommates to their units, place restrictions on landlords planning to raise rents after implementing no-fault evictions, and require landlords to provide multilingual information about where their tenants can seek help in the case of an eviction… (more)


This action on Thursday September 10, started on the steps of City Hall and continued inside for almost 6 hours. Another is planned for Monday, September 14 at the Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Meeting in support of Supervisor Kim’s Tenant Protection 2.0 legislation.


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