San Francisco Supervisor Wiener introducing legislation to speed affordable housing projects

Riley McDermid : bizjournals – excerpt

Looks like we got their attention. Everyone now wants to create a new plan to produce affordable housing. Question is, at what costs to the residents and businesses that are here now.

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener will introduce legislation Tuesday that could allow developers creating affordable housing to bypass the city’s convoluted conditional use authorization, a new report says.

That could shrink the time it takes a project to be approved by months or even years, he said…

This plan seeks to speed the development process by eliminating the public’s right to oppose most projects.

Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Mark Farrell are also slated Tuesday to roll out their own affordable housing plans, including a measure that will allow developers to increase income levels allowed in affordable units if they promise to build more units… (more)

Supervisor Farrell’s plan: Will this (Farrell) housing reform measure unite developers and activists?
Legislation introduced by Supervisor Mark Farrell on Tuesday could give developers an extra tool to make gains in politically contentious neighborhoods by easing eviction pressures. In an amendment to the city’s inclusionary housing law, developers could help the city pay to buy rent-controlled buildings that sit in the same neighborhood as new market-rate projects to help keep low-income tenants there… (more)

This one sounds the simplest and the least destructive as it is set up to “preserve” existing affordable housing instead of building new affordable.

The Mayor’s Plan: We assume Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) is the Mayor’s plan:
The Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) provides incentives for developers to include more affordable housing for low, moderate, and middle income households. Development bonuses, such as increased density, would be offered on a graduated scale based on the percentage of affordable units provided. This proposed Program is one of the tools put forward by San Francisco Planning to help the City meet its housing goals… (more)

Like everything else that comes out of the Planning Department, it is complicated.



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