Airbnb Using “Uber for Temps” to Staff No on Prop. F Campaign

By : sfweekly – excerpt

Anti-Prop. F rhetoric is growing increasingly hyperbolic

Short-term rental platform Airbnb likes to distinguish itself from Uber. While the ride-hail platform appears to enjoy its asshole reputation (laughing all the way to a $50 billion valuation), Airbnb prefers to talk about community and belonging. Uber smirks; Airbnb smarms.

But both companies are deeply rooted in the “on-demand economy” ethos of dismantling the way we previously did something (find temporary lodging/hail a cab) and rebuilding a new system with distributed networks of service providers and low institutional overhead and liability.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that Airbnb, which is funding (and staffing) the No on Proposition F campaign to the tune of $8.3 million, is tapping the self-described “Uber for work” — Wonolo — to man the campaign.

According to campaign finance filings, No on Prop. F paid $10,544 to Wonolo from September 20 to October 17. That money was split up between 45 “campaign workers” who were each paid anywhere from $16 to $762 total. Several of the workers are listed as living as far away as Pinole, Martinez, and San Jose.

For the uninitiated, Wonolo is a San Francisco-based startup that serves as a “sharing economy” update to the temp agency. Wonolo connects companies with pre-screened workers for short-term gigs. Unlike TaskRabbit, which connects individuals with service providers like dog-walkers and Ikea furniture-assemblers, Wonolo caters to businesses that might need last-minute help in a warehouse, for a catering job, or in retail… (more)

Airbnb has its own legal problems after running those strange ads that drew national indignation. Those dumb ads cost them the elections and a while lot more.


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