Dissension in the streets, but Lee coasting to victory

By  : sfweekly – excerpt

Like his predecessor before him, Mayor Ed Lee is coasting to a second term victory.

So much so it may seem he spends more time at press events for his District 3 appointee Julie Christensen in a nail-biter contest against progressive challenger Aaron Peskin than stumping for himself. Ask his campaign, and they will say the mayor’s main focus is ensuring his $310 million affordable housing bond passes with two-thirds of the vote…

The only candidate “debate” the mayor engaged in on the so-called campaign trail was more of a staged question-and-answer that left most people underwhelmed. He generally came off scripted, similar to how he operates when he attends monthly question time sessions before the Board of Supervisors, and by some accounts seemed disinterested…

While the mayor may not have a contest on his hands, there are three contests on the ballot that would have a direct impact on his next four years in office: Proposition I, the Mission moratorium; Proposition F, tougher restrictions on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb; and the District 3 supervisor race, according to McDaniel.

“If the progressives get [Prop.] I passed and [Prop.] F passed and Peskin wins, all right, they have a strong case to make that the mayor needs to work with them and change what he has been doing,” McDaniel said. “If that doesn’t happen, I think the mayor will have a sense of being vindicated in his style of governance and results-oriented approach he has taken.”… (most)


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