We Need Zoning Laws with Claws, not Financial Incentives to Rob and Displace People.

Regardless of what happens on November 3, 2015 in San Francisco, This fight is not over and it will continue as long as the economic divide continues to disenfranchise citizens around the country and the government participates in widening the economic divide.

I just returned from a trip to the East Bay where I became personally aware of the kind of pain banking policies inflicting on homeowners. A wheelchair-bound friend is losing his home, built for his needs, due to the rapacious appetite of banks to take whatever they can, however they can, without remorse or conscience, in order to feed the carefully engineered scarcity of housing supply that has driven up real estate values, in order to transfer more wealth to the wealthy. This kind of cruelty would not be happening if the government was not being run by the banks, for the banks.

We need to fight density if we want to keep people in their homes. We need less financial incentive to rob and displace people, not more. By expanding allowances and financial incentives the government is giving greedy people more reasons to take over move real estate, and this is driving the costs upward not down.

The argument for building more dense housing in order to change the upward spiral in real estate values does not fly. For years we had density and height limits and values remained stable. It was not until the banks were given free range to rob the public, and height limits and density limits were lifted, that the evictions and foreclosures started to escalate. It started with a judicial decision that rejected voter approved Prop M height limits.

What will become of our friend’s ADA compliant home? Will it be torn down and demolished or will the new LLC that purchased his mortgage from the bank in a large-package-deal, merely add extra stories and units in the back yard? Does it matter? Probably not.

Will we see yet another homeless person in a wheelchair living on the sidewalk to step around? Probably not, because he has friends that will help him, and there may have been some malfeasance on the part of the banks, and, since there could be value in the property, and there could be a settlement, attorneys may take up his case.  But what would happens to people with no friends and no settlement?

Long after the house is lost, there may be financial compensation. This is how the government “protects” the rights of our vulnerable citizens. It creates laws that allow the banks to rip them off, creates incentives for developers to swoop in and push them out, and then, if they are lucky enough to have friends who can help them navigate through a legal process, they may, after months of legal maneuvers, wind up with “some financial compensation”, after they have lost everything, including their independence.

This is why the fight will go on. Because there are still people who care. There are still people who believe it is possible to reverse the force that is replacing humanity with machines and pushing people into small constricted areas where they can be easily controlled.

The battle will continue because some people still care enough to fight the Smart Sharing culture of machines that is stealing our humanity and turning us into robots.


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