Artists in San Francisco Join Forces to Reverse the Whiteout of Arts and Culture

by guest blogger Flora Davis : artsyshark – excerpt

The Whiteout of Arts and Culture

In late November of 2014, the countdown toward eviction at Soma Artists Studios began. After twenty-six years, 43 artists were being priced out of their San Francisco studio building…

The economic landscape of San Francisco was changing. It has been occurring in large cities across the United States and Europe. People were moving back to cities to live or work in the booming tech sector. As a result, real estate prices surged. Speculators, developers, and outside money kicked off a building boom, then a frenzy. Evictions gradually soared as older neighborhoods gentrified.

Right before my eyes, the city I loved was rapidly changing, and not in good ways. To be sure, I am not against change. The excitement change brings is an integral part of creativity. Instead, out-of-control greed was prevailing over human values. And, neither the Mayor, nor the supervisors, nor the Planning Department, seemed to understand the ramifications of this unfolding crisis, a crisis that has awarded the city of Saint Francis the distinction of being number one in the nation in income inequality.

I was losing my studio, but I saw I could be losing a lot more…

Artist Flora DavisFlora Davis’ studio is located in San Francisco, California. Metal is her medium. She manipulates the surface, creating patinas that are organic, random and spontaneous. The metals are either adhered to panels or bent into wall sculptures. Her work is in both private and corporate collections… (more)


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