Pomp And Protesters: Inside Mayor Ed Lee’s 2016 Inauguration

by Brittany Hopkins, Nuala Sawyer : hoodline – excerpt

Mayor Ed Lee’s second inauguration drew thousands of people—including state and federal politicians, city supervisors, heads of city departments and hundreds of angry protesters—to City Hall this morning.

But before the doors officially opened to the public at 11am, protesters were already gathering for a planned demonstration in support of Mario Woods, who was shot and killed by police in the Bayview on Dec. 2nd. Supporters carried posters with messages like “Fire Suhr,” “Jail Killer Cops” and “Black Lives Matter,” though word trickled through the relatively quiet group that they wouldn’t be allowed once inside…

Lee addressed the protesters early on in his speech, responding to chants of “Fire Chief Suhr” with “Thank you, we heard you.” Later in the speech, he briefly spoke to protesters’ concerns: “I won’t stop until we build better trust between law enforcement and the communities they’re sworn to protect, especially young men of color.”

“I think the mayor did an extraordinary job under difficult circumstances,” former mayor Gavin Newsom told the Examiner after the event. “Few people can go up there like that and follow through.”

Following the ceremony, protesters reconvened to continue their efforts on the front steps of City Hall, as the politicians inside mingled.

This afternoon, Eileen Hirst of the Sheriff’s Department confirmed that no arrests had been made at the event. “There were about 75 protesters,” she said. “10 of them were detained for a few minutes for disrupting a public meeting, waving signs in front of people so they couldn’t see the ceremony, that kind of stuff. But there were no arrests, no citations. Everybody was released very quickly.”… (more)


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