Hillary Ronen kicks off D9 supe campaign

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

More than 100 people brave the rain to support Campos aide in what will be a critical race for control of the board

JANUARY 14, 2016 – Hillary Ronen, who has worked as chief of staff to Sup. David Campos the past six years, formally announced today that she’s running for the District 9 seat.

Ronen joins Edwin Lindo and Josh Arce, who have both filed paperwork and announced their candidacies. But neither has presented anything close to the kickoff event Ronen put on.

A few hours earlier, School Board member Sandy Fewer filed her paperwork at City Hall to run for District 1 supervisor. Kimberly Alvarenga has already filed in D11,  meaning the progressives will have three strong women running for the key districts where progressive incumbents are termed out



It’s possible that none of the four stalwarts of the progressive bloc will be on the board in January. And if the mayor’s allies and the real-estate interests win in Districts 1, 9, and 11, the board will have a much more conservative tilt.

The mayor will not appoint a progressive in D6 if Kim wins, so control of the board will depend overwhelmingly on those three seats.

So we’re seeing the beginning of a coalition campaign; Ronen, Alvarenga, and Fewer – all of them mothers — are all supporting each other, and they all have the support of most of the progressive elected officials. It’s a long way to November, and in every district the mayor and the tech-mogul bullies and the real-estate interests will put up a fight. But we can see the future of the progressive movement right now – and it’s moms… (more)



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