Breed makes committee assignments — some tumble from the heights

By Emily Green : sfchronicle – excerpt

Board of Supervisors President London Breed released committee assignments this week, and there were clear winners and losers… (more)

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…this will be the first week where the new committee assignments are in place. The Chron plays this all as some sort of Game of Thrones metaphor, but what it’s really about is the District 5 race.

Three of the most progressive supes – David Campos, John Avalos, and Eric Mar – have been given the fewest, and the least important, committee roles. Campos and Avalos have already endorsed Breed’s challenger, Dean Preston, and Mar may not be far behind.

Peskin, who has not made an endorsement in that race, came out relatively well.

I asked Breed why Campos, Avalos, and Mar were screwed, and she said: “Ask [the progressives] what they would do if the tables were turned and you’ll have your answer.”

The reality is that it doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as the pundits say. The political message is clear – Breed is going to be punitive to people who cross her – but the actual impact is pretty minor. There are two primary roles for committees – to consider legislation, and to hold city administrators accountable. In Sacramento or Washington, if a bill doesn’t get out of committee, it dies; in SF, committees rarely kill bills, and if there are six votes for the measure, it gets called out to the full board anyway.

As for the hearings, by tradition, supes who aren’t on a committee but care a lot about an issue are allowed to sit in and question city officials anyway(more)



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