Super Bowl protests and affordable housing

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

A taxpayer suit against Super Bowl costs? Plus: a key vote on affordable housing policy in the guise of a technical call for a hearing

The Super Bowl City display is now live at the foot of Market Street, and the protests are going live, too. We already saw hundreds converge on the scene to demand justice for Mario Woods, and on Wednesday/3, a Homeless Super Bowl City will emerge on the Embarcadero. I expect that won’t be the end of it; there are a lot of angry people in this town, and a lot of them are outraged that a corporate party (and that’s what the Super Bowl is) gets more than $5 million in city money to pay for services (oh, and there are city employees, working on the city’s dime, who will be “volunteering” at the events.)

I ran into retired Judge Quentin Kopp at the Peskin event last week, and he told me that the public spending on this private event was an outrage. “I’m looking into filing at taxpayer suit” against the city, he said. “There has to be a way to do this.”… (more)




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