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The next Super Bowl protest

February 6, 2016

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Billionaire parties evict street artists and vendors and drive the Planning Commission from City Hall. And who’s really paying for all these cops?

The next stage of the ongoing protests against the corporate greed represented by the Super Bowl deal that is gouging San Francisco erupts Saturday/6 with a moving block party against displacement starting at Civic Center at 1pm.

From the press release:

This procession is a celebration of our community in the face of the corporate takeover of the city, and a demand to develop deeply affordable housing, protect and secure spaces for artists and blue-collar jobs, end the widespread evictions, and house our homeless neighbors.

Super Bowl City was forced on the people of San Francisco through inept back-room dealing. This corporate event has caused the one-month eviction of hard-working waterfront street vendors without compensation; turned the city over to billionaire corporate interests; and asked San Francisco taxpayers, already facing a $100 million deficit, to foot the $5 million bill. Making good on Mayor Ed Lee’s threat, the homeless were swept from the Super Bowl area before tourists arrived.

At 1pm, SEIU/USWW will present the “People’s Red Carpet Awards” to protest the NFL’s awards dinner:

The Superbowl’s “party for billionaires” is not only draining $5.3 million from public coffers, but also there are also big problems for workers at the big game. Levi’s Stadium is the only professional sports stadium in California that uses exclusively non-union security. It’s a shining example of what is wrong with the 49ers. They have left the working-class people of San Francisco behind for a shiny new home that none of us can afford to go to. According to Forbes, the value of the 49ers franchise increased by $1.86 billion when they moved to Santa Clara, yet they continue to use low-road contractors Elite and Landmark who pay their employees less than industry standards.

There will be a large, loud, rowdy march around the city after that, and the national media, here in droves to cover the Super Bowl (and desperately looking for news) will no doubt be on hand…(more)

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