Poll shows trouble for Ed Lee — and the DCCC leadership

By Tom Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Democrats really don’t like the mayor’s job performance — and don’t like having the realtors in charge of the local party

The poll commissioned by Jon Golinger, a candidate for the Democratic County Central Committee, sheds some real light on how members of the majority party in this city think (and where the mayor’s real support comes from).

I’ve seen the data. More than 95 percent of the people who responded said they were absolutely going to vote in the June primary, so these are committed Democrats. In fact, 76 percent said they approve of President Obama’s job performance.

But only 36 percent say the same about Mayor Ed Lee. And 52 percent say he’s doing a bad job.

That, of course, suggests that a strong, experienced candidate with a track record could have defeated Lee last November, but no such person came forward. The mayor won about 56 percent of the vote against three candidates most voters had never heard of – and the poll suggests that a big chunk of those votes came from Republicans and independents.

The poll also suggests that in heavily progressive, Democratic districts, like 5, 9, and 11, the endorsement and support of the mayor might not be all that helpful to candidates for supervisor this fall. It’s no surprise that Hillary Ronen is already making it clear that she’s running against the mayor’s record and policies in D9…

Let’s remember: Most of the city came together – the mayor, the supes, even Ron Conway – to support Sen. Mark Leno’s efforts to reform the Ellis Act. It lost in Sacramento, thanks in large park, Leno later told me, to the efforts of the California Association of Realtors. You know, the same group that has a local affiliate whose lobbyist runs the local Democratic Party.

Grassroots organizers and activists should take these matters into consideration. We should also consider how we can do more to empower the citizens of SF to push their needs at the state level. This is what our state reps need if they are going to be able to help us.



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