Enough is enough: Saving SF values

By David Talbot : 48hills – excerpt

Editor’s note: A lot of us were amazed to see more than 100 people crowd into the Women’s Building Friday night for a general meeting of SFVision, a new organization that is trying to bring more people from across the spectrum into the politics of saving San Francisco. Author David Talbot gave the opening speech, which we’re running here. 

Enough is enough!

homelessness and human misery on our streets. Enough friends and family members thrown out of their homes by landlords because they’re not worth enough. Enough city hall leaders who think they’re in public service to serve private greed. Enough young men of color being hunted down by trigger-happy cops and shot in the back. Enough Super Bowl cities and corporate orgies taking over our streets for the benefit of billionaires and their entourages, while police tell the rest of us to move along, move along.

Enough, enough, enough. No mas, no mas, no mas! This is our city and we’re taking it back…

Division Street. Where the homeless camp keeps growing. Is there any better name for it? It’s almost poetic. Because we’ve allowed ourselves to be divided into the haves and the have-nots. And those who don’t have do not belong in the new San Francisco. They should be evicted – not just from their homes, but from our sight.

Even if those people were made homeless in the first place by the very city hall policies that benefited tech bros like Justin Keller. Division Street runs directly through city hall — because Mayor Ed Lee and his billionaire tech buddies turned a chronic, but manageable homeless problem into a raging, full-blown crisis by bringing in an occupying army of techies with nowhere to put them. As a result, thousands of hard-working San Franciscans were thrown onto the streets by greedy landlords, so this new cash-flush army could be billeted in their homes. That’s right — over 70 percent of the homeless once had homes in San Francisco…(more)




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