Lee loses vote on affordable housing

By Emily Green : sfgate – excerpt

The question now is who will blink: the mayor or Supervisors Jane Kim and Aaron Peskin?

That was the takeaway from a long Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, when the supervisors — in a 7-4 vote — rebuffed Mayor Ed Lee’s push to amend Kim and Peskin’s charter amendment requiring developers to sell and rent 25 percent of units in new developments at below-market-rate prices for the foreseeable future.

Next vote Tuesday

The board will vote Tuesday on whether to put the charter amendment on the ballot.

If the mayor and the supervisors can’t come to an agreement on what to offer the voters, the June ballot could include three housing measures.

“We know that San Franciscans want to see this,” Kim said of changes in the city’s affordable-housing quota. “We’ve seen the polls. (Support for affordable housing is) at unprecedented levels here in San Francisco.”…

Additional drama

That wasn’t the only drama at the board Tuesday. The board’s progressives won a 6-5 vote to increase the fee that builders must pay to support the city’s transit system. Shortly after it passed, Lee promised a veto… (more)

Why don’t they start by collecting the fees they are owed instead of accepting in lieu payments? It does little good to add fees if they are never collected.


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