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Competing housing measures in June

February 29, 2016

By Tim Redmond : 48 hills – excerpt

Sups. Jane Kim and Aaron Peskin did their show of good faith and tried to work with the mayor on competing housing measures for June, but the folks in Room 200 don’t seem to be budging. The mayor is still moving forward with his ballot measure, that would limit affordable housing requirements to what studies show is economically “feasible” – in other words, what the developers say they can afford to build and still make huge profits.

So Tuesday/1 we will see the showdown at the board over Kim’s charter amendment that would set affordable-housing levels at 25 percent, and allows the board to adjust them with a simple vote. I see six votes for this, no problem – although the mayor really, really doesn’t like it and wants to see it die.

It’s an election year. When Sup. Malia Cohen, who is representing the mayor on this one, tried to gut the Kim measure, she lost 7-4. I don’t see how Sup. London Breed, in what could be a tough race with tenant lawyer Dean Preston, can vote against more affordable housing… (more)

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