Plan to radically change local Democratic Party moves quietly forward

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Proposal would add all the supes and the mayor to DCCC – and change the politics of that important agency right before an election.

A proposal that would completely remake the San Francisco Democratic Party is quietly floating around and could go before the party’s Central Committee next week.

The plan, by DCCC member Alix Rosenthal, would give the mayor and every member of the Board of Supervisors automatic seats on what is now a 32-member panel.

That, Rosenthal told me, would leave more room for activists who want to play a role in the party.

There are currently four supervisors on the panel, which sets policy for the local party and more importantly does party endorsements in local races. Sups. Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, David Campos and Malia Cohen all hold seats, and some were on the DCCC long before they were elected supervisor.

All four are running for re-election in June, and Sup. Norman Yee has filed, too. It’s likely that Sups. Aaron Peskin and Jane Kim will also run. Board President London Breed is also considering the race.

Since high-profile elected officials almost always win seats on the DCCC, where name recognition is a critical factor, Rosenthal says the possibility that seven supes could be on the panel leaves less room for people who hold no elective office and just want to help build the party.

“This is about good government,” she told me… (more)




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