3-Alarm Inferno Races Through SF Mission District Building

sanfrancisco.cbslocal – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A three-alarm fire raced through a San Francisco Mission District building early Monday, forcing nearby residents from their homes, authorities said.

San Francisco Fire Department Spokesman Jonathan Baxter said the fire was first reported at 11:23 p.m. on Sunday night at 3222 22nd St.

Arriving firefighters discovered flames shooting out of the upper story windows when they arrived on the scene at 11:26 p.m.

Baxter said the building has been abandoned and was involved in a separate fire sometime last year.

Surrounding buildings were evacuated and there were no reports of injury.

A cause of the fire was still under investigation… (more)

Some Mission groups are calling for the resignation of the Fire Chief after this last blaze. letter sent from Our Mission No Eviction:

Mayor Lee, Supervisor Campos, Fire Chief Hayes White, DA Gascon:

It’s been more then a year later since the fire at 22nd & Mission Street.
The investigation on the fire was poorly conducted.
The landlord has failed to take any steps to rehab the building.
Recently the City SF issued a demolish order!
Demolish of the building would of be cause for the tenants to lose their right to return.
We stood up as a community against this order and a new order was issued.
The landlord has had an offer by MEDA on behalf of the community to purchase the property.
The landlord has not responded to that offer.
Last night the building went up in blazing flames further threatening the lives of the people that live on that block.
This building was boarded up completely including all windows making it very difficult for anyone to get inside.
These fires in the Mission continue to add on to the CRiSiS of displacement residents and small businesses in the Mission!
The City needs to stand up and send a real clear message that these fires will not be tolerated.
We demand that an immediate investigation be launched TODAY to include arson!

Roberto, Our Mission No Eviction


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