Proposed office space cap exemption for Hunters Point sparks push back

Proponents of a long-standing cap on office space are pushing back against a possible exemption that might apply to the massive redevelopment planned for Hunters Point Shipyard, a week after sponsors of the initiative filed the ballot measure.

The San Francisco Business Times first reported on the filed ballot initiative on May 13; you can read more about that here. Now the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that efforts to advance the initiative are being met with backlash already, with the some opponents calling it an “end-run” around the original cap, dubbed Proposition M and enacted in 1986.

It currently applies to 950,000 square feet per year, 850,000 square feet of which are allocated for large projects of more than 50,000 square feet.

“It seems like they don’t feel the law applies to them — they want to make an end run,” Sue Hestor, the attorney who wrote Prop. M, told the paper.“Of course, they will have the ability to spend unlimited amount of money to get this passed so they can strike it rich.”… (more)


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