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Progressive slate gains ground in bid to take over DCCC

June 8, 2016

by Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

The progressive slate has apparently failed to achieve a clean sweep in its bid to take over the Democratic Central County Committee, but still gained solid ground.

The DCCC’s mission includes to help register voters, fundraise and make endorsements.
But the committee is also a significant factor in local politics as it relates to the general tug-of-war between the moderates versus progressive ideologies in San Francisco politics.

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The election of the DCCC members this year turned into a slate card contest, as the more moderately-aligned candidates sought to retain their control over the Democratic body while the more progressive candidates wanted to take over the committee on the “reform slate.”

Jon Golinger, who helped lead the “reform slate” effort and appears to not have been elected himself, said despite the slate card not winning across the board, voters still have called for a change.

“It’s clear a majority of democratic voters voted for a new Democratic party,” Golinger said. He noted early results showed 14 of possible 24 reform slate card candidates appeared to have won… (more)

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