Election update, Day 4: Progressives solidify gains

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Will the old guard at the DCCC make one last play to cling to power?

The latest round of election results continues yesterday’s pattern: It now appears that the progressive Reform Slate is guaranteed at least 15 seats on the Democratic County Central Committee…

And it leaves open the possibility that the incumbents may try any number of dirty tricks to hold onto power. This isn’t just academic – the DCCC will have a significant influence on the fall elections for supervisors, which is why Big Tech and the real-estate industry poured so much money into these down-ticket races

There’s already an item on the agenda for the DCCC June 15 meeting that would allow the lame-duck panel – the groups that the voters have rejected – to make early endorsements for supervisor. That’s just disgraceful.

It’s almost as if the DCCC is some old-school dictatorship where the corrupt incumbents who get ousted at the ballot refuse to leave office. Message to Mary Jung: To quote President Obama, elections matter. You lost… (more)



One thought on “Election update, Day 4: Progressives solidify gains

  1. SF progressives support removal of parking, Sunday meters, more bike lanes, closing certain streets to cars. They want to appoint MTA board members who will accelerate the aforementioned policies NOT rescind them.

    Seriously they support everything ENUF opposes.

    The new DCCC is VERY bad news for drivers in SF!


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