Oppose Governor’s By-Right Bill unless amended

“By Right” FOR WHOM?

Governor Brown has proposed a bill that would make all development projects in San Francisco approved “By Right”. That’s right…

  • without community outreach
  • without public hearing
  • without Planning Commission approval
  • without any added public benefits

The Board of Supervisors is considering a Resolution by Supervisor Peskin and five co-sponsors to “amend or oppose” this draconian proposal by the Governor. Please come to the hearing on Monday June 27th and tell the Supes why “By Right” is harmful to your community, and to support the Resolution.

WHAT: Hearing on Board of Supervisors Resolution to “amend or oppose” Governor’s Brown’s “By Right Housing Approvals” Bill
WHEN: BOS Land Use Committee, Monday June 27th, 1:30pm
WHERE: City Hall, Board of Supervisors Main Chamber

Talking points, coming soon!

Monday, June 27, 1:30 PM – agenda
Room 250 Board of Supervisors Land Use and Traffic Committee  Item 8. The Peskin et al Resolution. Item 9. the competing Weiner Resolution. Talking points, coming soon!

These resolutions opposing By-Right unless amended are similar to the resolution passed unanimously by the board back in April opposing a near-identical bill AB-2522 unless amended. The items will be heard at SF Land Use Committee on Monday 6/27, and voted on July 11. This has garnered some controversy from BARFers, and the committee is stacked against Peskin, so turnout is key!

“By right” is predicated on the grand theory of increasing market rate housing supply so that the magic of housing affordability “filtering” which was the core assertion of the state Legislative Analyst Office report back in February that got so much media play. As it turns out, the LAO botched much of their analysis, which was made clear in the UC Berkeley report which concludes that the “filtering” theory doesn’t work quite so easily – up to 50 years for price of housing to come down – and in some hot-market communities the filtering process may not work at all.

Brown’s bill is a huge game changer, and is being rolled through fast. Very similar to the way that he unilaterally and rapidly dissolved Redevelopment five years ago. Now, due to pressure from a wide range of constituencies (including an alliance of tenant and housing groups that we’ve been involved with, as well as environmental and labor coalitions), as well as from State Sen. Mark Leno, the Governor removed his “by-right” development proposal from the budget on June 10th, but is still on a timeline to be adopted by August 31. The Governor has indicated that this bill is part of a package along with an agreement for $400 million for affordable housing and a $2 billion housing bond, but is open to amendments. One basic amendment that has already been incorporated is allow cities with higher inclusionary to use that as the baseline for “by-right” approvals, rather than the Statewide 10% affordable, though the bill has no additional value-capture for the benefit of a by-right approval to developers.  There are many amendments being advocated and considered, including from Mayor Lee and a pending Board of Supervisors resolution, and from other big-city mayors. And discussions are underway with Senator Leno on potential amendments to by-right bill. Stay tuned for a CCHO Op Ed in the Examiner this Sunday.

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