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Why Kim really won

June 27, 2016

by tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt – including maps by Jim Stearns

a Google bus survey, saving a 99-year-old’s home and more: we look at the week ahead

The supporters of Sup. Scott Wiener are trying to downplay the stunning victory of Sup Jane Kim in the primary of their state Senate race, explaining that Kim’s narrow victory was just a “Bernie Bump.” The theory: After Senator Sanders endorsed her, his supporters all voted for her, and in November, with Sanders not on the ballot, they won’t show up and Wiener will be victorious.

It turns out that’s not exactly true.

Ads Jim Stearns, one of the city’s top political consultants, pointed out at a VisionSF forum Friday night, the numbers suggest that Kim got a boost – but not from Bernie alone. Her boost was both a Hillary bump and a Bernie bump; she did well because of the turnout.

“When we vote, we win,” Stearns told the mostly progressive audience.

Check out the charts that Stearns put together, that show the margins of victory for Bernie, Hillary, and Jane Kim:

You can see where Bernie won in SF:



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