Keeping tabs on evicted San Franciscans

By : sfexaminer – excerpt – (inlcudes nice graphics)

An eviction in San Francisco often means an eviction from San Francisco.

A new map released last week by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, using data from the Eviction Defense Collaborative, illustrates to which cities those evicted in San Francisco fled.

We all know the housing crisis is bad. We all know evictions are bad. And we all know San Franciscans are oft displaced throughout the Bay Area. But it’s an entirely different thing to actually see the numbers.

The collaborative offers a bevy of legal services to San Franciscans facing eviction. The first chilling number provided is 6,720 — the number of people the collaborative served in 2015…

Holy hell, that’s a lot of people — not households — facing eviction.

To see where people ended up, however, we must travel back in time to ye olde 2012, during the birth of the eviction crisis. The collaborative interviewed about 500 of its clients to get a sample of where those evicted finally settled years later…

There were many lessons to take away from the SF Homeless Project, that massive day of homeless crisis news coverage from more than 70 media organizations across San Francisco.

But one lesson I hope we all learned is perhaps an obvious one: People without homes are still people.

Strike up a conversation. You never know what interesting takes on The City you’ll hear.. (more)


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