Public advocate proposal talks erupt in name-calling by supervisors

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

A sign political tensions have reached fever pitch at City Hall, Supervisor David Campos on Wednesday accused two board colleagues of committing a “corrupt act” by hijacking his proposal to create an elected public advocate in San Francisco.

As the deadline approaches to place the public advocate charter amendment on the November ballot, political tensions boiled over during Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors Rules Committee hearing. The public advocate position, modeled after similar positions in other cities like New York, would not only function as a watchdog, but also dilute the powers of the mayor.

Campos scaled back his proposal in an effort to shore up support for the at least six votes he would need from the Board of Supervisors to place the measure on the ballot.

But Supervisor Malia Cohen — with the support of Supervisor Katy Tang, who chairs the three member-committee — subsequently introduced more amendments, scaling back the powers of the proposed position even further – essentially hijacking Campos’ measure.

In response, Campos described the procedural move as “[a] corrupt act by someone who is clearly corrupted.”…(more)



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