What Would It Really Take to Recall the Mayor?

By Lamar Anderson : modernluxury – excerpt

Short answer: An army of people with clipboards.

After a scuttled attempt to recall Mayor Ed Lee this spring, a small band of organizers is back and ready to storm the walls of City Hall. The Department of Elections blocked the first Recall Mayor Ed Lee campaign back in May because not enough time had elapsed in the mayor’s new term. Now, on the six-month anniversary of Lee’s inauguration, organizer David Carlos Salaverry is ready to declare open season on San Francisco’s First Mustache. “Really, the entire city has issues with the direction the city is headed in. We’re not a bunch of left-wing crazies—we’re going to be reaching out to coalitions unhappy with the mayor,” the 64-year-old remodeling contractor told San Francisco, his cell phone crackling with din from the 14 bus. “We’re making sure we have votes from moderates. We’re even going to engage with Libertarians, and possibly even with Republicans.”.

It’s too late to get a measure on the November ballot, which means the recall folks will be going it alone and petitioning for a special recall vote. Nonetheless, Salaverry says his group—which includes former mayoral candidate Francisco Herrera and Mike Murphy, a gardener—today served the mayor with a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition. They’re holding a kickoff rally at City Hall on July 15, although the actual petitioning of voters wouldn’t begin until August. No mayor of San Francisco, at least as far back as modern memory goes, has been successfully recalled. It’s true that Lee was reelected very unenthusiastically, and voters seem to enjoy heckling him. But will all those boos really translate into tens of thousands of signatures?

As you’d expect, insiders are calling this a very long shot. “I would say no one’s taking it seriously,” says political consultant Eric Jaye, the campaign manager for Supervisor Jane Kim’s state senate run. “But we’re in a political moment where outliers like this probably have more traction than they otherwise would have. Nobody took Donald Trump seriously, or the idea that Great Britain would leave the European Union.” Given those political black swans, Jaye is at least willing to entertain the possibility of an Edxit.

So what, exactly, would it take for the mayor to get the boot?…(more)

Tech journalist Kara Swisher plans to run for San Francisco Mayor


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