The Agenda, July 11-17: Why bad committee appointments matter …

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

… and the crazy period of budget approvals and deciding what goes on the November ballot

Pretty much everyone agrees that elected officials should be judged on their records in office, and typically that means legislation introduced, votes on difficult issues, and success in setting a political agenda and making it happen.

But there’s more to it than that. The record should also include things like endorsements – who are you helping, promoting, empowering? – and decisions on appointments.

For the president of the Board of Supervisors, that includes appointments to board committees.

Most of the time this is insider stuff – do you really care who is vice chair of the Rules Committee? – but it matters. Sometimes, it matters a lot…

It’s going to be a crazy two weeks, as the supes both finalize the budget and figure out what’s going on the November ballot…

Then on Wednesday/13, the Budget and Finance Committee will consider a plan by the same three – the mayor, Wiener, and Farrell – to increase the sales tax by a total of 1.25 percent to pay for those services.

That’s already cooked into the budget – if the supes don’t approve the sales tax increase (which is by and large a regressive way to raise money) the whole budget for the mayor’s new Department of Homelessness falls apart…(more)

Stay turned. All will soon be revealed…


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