Governor’s housing plan promoted at closed-door meeting with Mayor Lee

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Why is SF mayor backing plan that would undermine local ability to demand more affordable housing?

I went to the strangest press conference today. Ed Lee was there; so was Ben Metcalf, who is Gov. Jerry Brown’s director of housing and community development. We met at SPUR’s downtown headquarters, at a little after 11am…

The measure has been pending in the state Legislature, but community housing groups all over the state have tried to slow it down. It would override local laws and allow anyone who wants to build any type of housing to do that “by right” if it complies with existing zoning and has a tiny minimum of affordable housing – wiping out the ability of community groups to try to cut better deals with developers.

“While this proposal claims to merely streamline the approval process for housing projects, it will in fact cause significant negative impacts on the environment, jobs, working and low-income neighborhoods, and the public’s right to participate in decisions impacting their everyday lives,” a statement issued today by ten community groups, including ACCE California, the Chinatown Community Development Center, Tenants Together, the Council of Community Housing Organizations, and Public Advocates, noted.

And instead of holding public hearings on the legislation, the groups said, “invite-only meetings are being conducted by the administration that exclude a full presentation of the facts and open dialogue about the plan’s far-reaching implications.”

Some labor groups aren’t too happy about it, either(more)

This article explains why there is a growing movement against Ed Lee. The backroom deals and closed meetings with state officials and SPUR do not bode well for the citizens of San Francisco. If we continue along these lines it is not a matter of IF but WHEN we will leaving San Francisco. This is a pivotal moment.


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