Big Money Already Pouring Into November Campaigns

By Sara Bloomberg : sfpublicpress – excerpt – (including graphs)

Though San Franciscans will not vote for nearly three months, big money is already flowing into the fall campaign, like Karl the Fog swarming over Twin Peaks on a chilly summer day.

Since January, local ballot measure and candidate campaigns have spent $3.15 million on the November election, according to San Francisco Ethics Commission records. More than half of that — 55 percent — has been spent on just six ballot measures, to the tune of $1.73 million. Campaigns can be expected to ramp up spending in September and October.

While it is impossible to predict exactly how much will be spent on this election, an analysis of campaign finance records by the San Francisco Public Press shows that more money is flowing into the local elections since at least 1998, when the Ethics Commission started collecting filings online. This holds even when adjusting for inflation… (more)



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