Personal Property is under siege

OpEd by concerned citizen

A major crime wave is sweeping our streets, killing businesses and putting public at risk, and nothing is being done about it. Crime statics are down because there is no record of the crimes.

This story came from a reader concerned about the decline of the local Safeway. Desperate people are taking desperate measures. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. Dehumanizing people, treating them like animals and feeding and cleaning up after them is not a good solution. City Hall needs a better plan. Mayor Agnos suggests putting them on an air craft carrier. It’s worth a try.

Crimes of personal property are just not prosecuted. I spoke to the manager of the Potrero Hill Safeway because I’m worried it will go out of business due to loss of clientele. He told me when Gus’s opened they lost 70k customers. To stop the losses they cut service and because of a million dollars of theft last year they put ?toothpaste and mouthwash? in glass cabinets. Organized gangs swept toothpaste off the shelves and resold them in the Mission. “When thieves are caught by security, the police are called. Sometimes they don’t show up for 1.5 hours and when they show up they drop the thief off at the corner”.

It’s a real battle in which the “city” is not on our side but the side of the thieves. The police know that jails have a revolving door.  It’s not cost effective to arrest thieves. A portion of the homelessness is a distinct outcast society that survives on crime and begging.

One safe thing you can do is support our local businesses. Please support PH Safeway during this difficult time. The manager said they are doing their best but I don’t think it is good enough to keep their regular customers. They need your feedback.  The displacement of small and large businesses with small margins is another crime that is spiraling downward making it even more expensive and difficult to live here.

– Concerned Citizen

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