Support Housing Commission, Public Advocate

By Patrick Monette-Shaw : stoplhhdownsize – excerpt


Two ‘good government’ measures on November’s municipal ballot are crucial to open government in SF. Both measures deserve your support.

Prop. M:  The Housing and Development Commission

Prop. M will help restore citizen oversight of the “sole discretion” decisions the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) is making.  MOHCD has sole control over spending allocation decisions of nearly $3 billion from various funding sources that it controls.  Having a Commission with oversight of MOHCD is crucial, given San Francisco’s on-going housing crisis… (more)

Prop. H:  Public Advocate

For far too long, San Francisco city departments have been run without sufficient public accountability, seeking to preserve the status quo.  Obviously, many City Hall “family” members and many former San Francisco mayors want to keep it that way:  Accountability- and oversight-free.  “Prop H” will restore checks and balances at City Hall that are clearly missing.

In addition to other duties of the Public Advocate described in my attached article, the Public Advocate will have authority to investigate expanded whistleblower complaints.  “Prop. H” expands the scope of the whistleblower program, by giving the Public Advocate authority to receive additional types of complaints from members of the public… (more  in the printer-friendly PDF file on-line)


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