Mayor’s adviser will work to defeat 4 ballot measures

By Emily Green : sfchronicle – excerpt

Winnicker will work with veteran political consultant Ace Smith to try to defeat Propositions D, H, L and M — all of which were put on the ballot by the board’s progressive supervisors…

Prop. D would require a special election to fill a vacancy on the Board of Supervisors. Currently, the mayor appoints someone to fill out the term.

Prop. H would create an Office of Public Advocate.

Prop. L would split the power to make appointments to the Municipal Transportation Agency Commission between the Board of Supervisors and the mayor. Now, the mayor has sole appointing authority. It would also make it easier for the supervisors to reject the MTA’s budget.

Prop. M would create a housing commission to oversee the Department of Economic and Workforce Development and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development…(more)

Mayor is lining up the opposition to fight the ballot measures that would put limitations on the power of the Mayor’s office. Some feel that power has become too concentrated and needs to be cut back. Stay tuned as the November elections heat up.



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