Proposition D is all about democracy

Op-ed By Larry Bush and Kathy howard : sfexaminer – excerpt


Proposition D would allow voters to elect an interim supervisor, if a seat became available. (Rachael Garner/Special to S.F. Examiner)

Some people think we vote on too many things and especially so with this year’s extensive ballot… But giving voters in each district the ability to vote for who represents them is the most basic issue of all.

Aside from the fact that any charter amendment requires voter approval, this measure is about the essential right for voters to make a very important decision for our representative government.

Under Proposition D, if a supervisor position became vacant, then you, the district voters, would get to elect your interim supervisor right away to fill out the term. Right now, the mayor appoints the interim supervisor, an appointment that could last for up to two years.

Among the many problems with the current mayoral appointment system are: It violates the basic constitutional principle of separation of powers between the executive and the legislative branches; it gives the mayoral appointee up to two years to vote the mayor’s way on the Board of Supervisors; it grants the power of incumbency to the mayoral appointee; and it gives the mayor as long a time as he or she wants to fill a position. Some seats have remained vacant for months.

Prop. D corrects this imbalance of powers…(more)


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