Fight for SF Mission Arts Space Lands on Ballot

By Joe Rivano Barros : missionlocal – excerpt

The Mission District’s fight to save artists, non-profits, and blue-collar workers has landed on the November ballot, but while local activists and city officials are pushing hard  for the measure, urbanists and the city’s largest manufacturing group are adamantly opposed.

Proposition X, dubbed an initiative for “Preserving Space for Neighborhood Arts, Small Businesses, and Community Services,” would require developers to replace 50 to 100  percent of so-called PDR space — which stands for production, distribution, and repair — in most new projects that tear down light industrial buildings.

The requirement would only apply in the Mission District and South of Market.

The city controller found that the initiative, which would require a simple majority to pass, would mean up to $4.3 million in lost property taxes, but also found that it could add $25-$50 million in economic activity and some 200 jobs. It would result in a “very low annual loss” of housing production, the controller found.

Supervisor Jane Kim, one of the ballot measure’s sponsors, has been meeting with non-profit organizations and artists in the Mission District and South of Market for months, her aide said.

“Where are you going to have these non-profit organizations? Where are you going to have these arts organizations?” asked April Veneracíon, Kim’s aide. The measure, she  said, would craft a means to keep such groups in the city at affordable rents…(more)

PDR is production, distribution and repair, and includes most of the small manufacturing businesses that SFMade members are involved in. The point of Prop X is to keep PDR spaces available and affordable, so why SFMade is opposed, especially to such a small geographical area of the city, is hard to understand.

Prop X is endorsed by a broad coalition, many listed here:

Some of the many Artists Non Profits and Small Businesses protected under Prop X:


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