Public Advocate benefits would outweigh cost

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

If it cost The City $4 million to save $170 million, San Franciscans would heartily approve the cost.

A Sept. 29 op-ed by Conor Johnston — “What’s this crap on the ballot?” — opposing five ballot measures was insulting, not helpful and too snarky (as he worried). It was littered with invective, bereft of facts.

The five measures he trashed aren’t “crap” to sponsors and supporters. Consider Proposition H, creating a Public Advocate.

Johnston claims it would cost $4 million. That’s inaccurate; the City Controller notes the four public advocate employees would cost $800,000, less than one one-hundredeth of one percent (0.008 percent) of The City’s $9.6 billion budget. The additional 24 potential public advocate employees — assuming they’re funded during annual budget negotiations — might push total costs to $4 million, just four-hundredeths of one percent (0.04 percent) of the budget.

Johnston claims we have public advocates — the Board of Supervisors. He neglected mentioning the board had 117 employees (including 11 turnovers) in Fiscal Year 2015–16, costing $7.25 million in salaries. Add the mayor’s 132 employees at $12 million in salaries and you’re up to $20 million (excluding fringe benefits and retirement)…(more)

Patrick Monette-Shaw is a columnist for the Westside Observer newspaper.


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